Articulo 27 de la constitucion mexicana

Logical readers will be surprised to see the old Royalist bestowing his eldest daughter on a ReceiverGeneral, possessed, indeed, of some old hereditary estates, but whose name was not preceded by the little word to which the throne owed so many partisans, and his second to a magistrate too lately Baronified to obscure the fact that his father had sold firewood. This noteworthy change in the ideas of a noble on the verge of his sixtieth year-an age when men rarely renounce their convictions-was due not merely to his unfortunate residence in the modern Babylon, where, sooner or later, country folks all get their corners rubbed down; the Comte de Fontaines new political conscience was also a result of the Kings advice and friendship. The philosophical prince had taken pleasure in converting the Vendeen to the ideas required by articulo 27 de la constitucion mexicana advance of the nineteenth century, and the new aspect articulo 27 de la constitucion mexicana the Monarchy. Louis XVIII. aimed at fusing parties as Napoleon had fused things and men.
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